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Mind or belief is something that becomes concrete in the sense of having relevance to the case in question and producing real consequences. Or anything produced by pinko commie spies. There are all kinds of strategies that are basically just spatial. There was definitely some amusing confusion. It seems like enforcement and crackdown in Idaho were even more draconian against Mormons because our presence there was more diluted. And my interest here is what are the cultural consequences of all this. I definitely have gaps in my knowledge of late 19th-century church history, and this is a great exploration of issues during that time.

I see no mention of Correlation in this post anywhere except the title. The problem essentially was that the wife of any man who was on trial—and this was a law that targeted men—was not allowed to testify in court in a way that might put her husband behind bars. They can hold propositions concerning polygamy in their mind true and right as robustly as they like. Well I decided that if all the reports were like that one, that I and the children were perfectly safe whether my husband was there or not. What is relevant is:

Wow, this is fascinating. This was a real dilemma for the US government. Thank you- looking forward to more Very Special Episodes.

Daymon smith dissertation abstracts

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And she had a story that correlates: Daymon smith dissertation abstracts 4 stars based on reviews bugfreeservices.

daymon smith dissertation

It was totally tautological, and it really smth to break up what made this crime a crime. A person is guilty of bigamy when, knowing he has a husband or wife or knowing the other person has a husband or wife, the person purports to marry another person or cohabits with another person UCA Looking forward to the next installment! This first installment has been great, and I look forward to future ones. Did the Underground function as effectively outside of the Utah Territory?


Our series of conversations will daymin begin and end with John Taylor. Brad, nice interview and very much appreciated. Daymon is currently at work on two separate books drawn from the dissertation. I see no mention dissertatkon Correlation in this post anywhere except the title.

It prompts a question, though. Now we have this new crime with new evidentiary standards according to which an accused person is held criminally responsible for beliefs or perceptions that are held, or might be held, or are believed to be held, or the judge considers to be held, by some other person, that person being held to generically represent something called the Public.

I do know that one of the significant SCOTUS rulings leading to the Manifesto more on that in the coming installment was the upholding of an Idaho law that disenfranchised Mormons for believing in—even without practicing—polygamy. Maybe I should work on that, but the outlook looks doubtful.

March 3, at 2: Your whole strategy for avoiding spies and spotters and evading prosecution is going to be simply to mind your own business. This is not to say that they might not have had legitimate difference of opinion over whether the law was just, but comparing would one might to to survive to what one might do to avoid capture and consequences of illegal activity is overstating your case. It seems like enforcement and crackdown in Idaho were even more draconian against Mormons because our presence there was more diluted.


And to trying to read the dissertation in between everything else I want to and need to read!

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I am halfway thru the dissertation.

daymon smith dissertation

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Daymon smith dissertation

There are larger political and economic reasons for putting polygamy into the crosshairs. And as long as the defendants could confuse the issue enough, so that it remained relatively vague who the first wife was, things were even harder for the prosecution. So gossip becomes a really powerful phenomenon during this time. Or anything produced smoth pinko commie spies.