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The main advantages of the open type of questions are therefore: The authors of past dissertations, theses and published journal articles gave their research work a great deal of thought, and you can frequently benefit from their thinking when conducting your literature search. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. Finally, this section will seek to under- stand the role of ADR in the industry. The main advantages of the structured interview therefore are: There are three types of case study designs: Because encyclopaedias can go out of date fairly quickly, most scientific disci- plines encourage and support a variety of specialised handbooks.

The following section explains the procedure for pro- cessing open-ended questions. Allows great flexibility Rigid. Another example of an ordinal scale is when respondents are asked to rank items by their own preference. Researchers conduct exploratory research for three interrelated pur- poses: These are primary sources, secondary sources and ref- erence guides. These faults can affect the results of the postal questionnaire even more seriously than when con- ducting an interview see the following section, Personal interview. Random sampling This type of sampling can be used when specifics about the characteristics of the sample are not essential, such as background of respondents, size of com- pany and type of work, etc.

The raw data provided in exploratory research will be exactly what people have said in interview or recorded conversation or a description of what has been observed.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

Before beginning his academic career he worked as a site engineer and project manager. For instance, most people ask for government documents by their popular name and not by their official name The Latham Report instead of Constructing the Team, or the Tavistock Report instead of Communication in the Construction Industry and so on.

Indexes and abstracts Indexes and abstracts can help you to trace articles in journals.

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students

Additional reading Green, J. Open questions can, however, present problems. Dissertation supervision and assessment Once you have decided on the topic of your study and your proposal gets approved, your department should then appoint a personal supervisor for you. stuents


Here, the negative sign means that the more experienced the client is with the building process, the less chance the project will overrun on time. Approaches to data collection 41 3 Expect the research questions to evolve and change during the study, a thought also consistent with the assumption of an emerging design. Research strategy One of constrruction problems of reading about research methods and techniques is the terminology.

You will be thinking of asking certain types of questions and not others. It is of no use if you do not like or enjoy the research subject.

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students : Shamil Naoum :

For example, there are formal and informal, inflexible and flexible, standard- ised and unstandardised, controlled and uncontrolled interviews. Respondents were asked to rate various factors they con- sider important. Creswell identifies some principles to observe about using a theory in conatruction qualitative approach, these are: The following pro- cedure was consturction by Naoum when selecting the ten clients: But we do not simply want a list of facts.

It will provide students with a clear explana- tory text which is supported by numerous examples illustrating good practice. Usually, the means of drawing a rep- resentative sample is done either randomly or non-randomly.

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London South Bank University: Individual incentive bonuses would improve the performance of employees. Therefore, the researcher should take absolute care when using them. This is because of the sheer volume of information published under the category of government documents and because they are often placed outside the normal subject index system.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

This sheet will provide you with a list of all the articles, book chapters, etc. It also carriers constuction the same basis framework with the same sequencing and ordering of the chapters. Dissertafion first step is to identify areas which have potentials and seem interesting to you. If two respondents have the rank 8 and 6 and two others are ranked 7 and 5, it does not mean that the differences between the two pairs are equal.


From these statistics, the student compared the accident rate of the construction industry with four other major industries within the UK.

This section of the dissertation seeks to appraise the salient points of the literature review with a view to discovering the ways Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR can progress in the UK, what is holding back its increased use and how the prob- lems associated with ADR can be overcome.

Placement of the theory in qualitative research In qualitative research the use of theory is less clear than in quantitative design because there is no standard terminology or rules about placement. But here are some quantitative questions: These three criteria vary. It is a straight- forward means of collecting information and the data can be analysed easily.

However, whether it is a dissertation, a thesis or a research project, the principle of structuring the literature file dissfrtation the same: First, they enable you to have an idea about the content of the work, the standard expected, methodology adopted and the structure and style of writing up.

At first, the order and wording of the questions are not crucial.

Suitable situations for ADR include the requirement to preserve business rela- tionships, negotiations have reached an impasse and the need for privacy Comes,