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Has serious inaccuracies or inconsistencies. Introduction for New TAS: They must ensure that the time allotted for each duty on the T. All employees of the university are required to take the Health and Safety training courses that are pertinent to their positions. A serious misunderstanding or inability to grasp basic concepts.

Suggestions for methods of teaching writing skills will be provided. Introduction for New TAs B. Assignments will be determined by the T. The organization is good and the sentences are all comprehensible. First year English courses are administered and co-ordinated by the First-year English and Cultural Studies Committee, to which teaching assistants contribute two elected representatives. These courses must be completed before your first meeting with your assigned instructor to fill in the hours of work form.

If you 1a0 having problems with time management, please consult your Senior T. While most teaching assistants for Level 1 courses receive 2 course assignments, one for Term 1 and one for Term 2, those for 1C06 will be assigned to their section for the whole school year. These committees, their individual members and the Departmental Chair are always available to help solve problems.

They must ensure that the time allotted for each duty on the T. These lists will of course be subject to change until after the drop and add period ends.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

Contained in this booklet are the marking scheme and criteria for grading for first year courses. Essay Submissions and Returns Students should submit essays directly to the teaching assistant. A from the department office.


english 1a03 essay

For complaints, use another form. Designing Your First Course: This form will be provided in hard copy by the office; 10 managing time spent on each of your duties to conform with the agreement set out in the Hours of Work Form. If a graduate student requests and is granted the opportunity to give a lecture, it will be understood to be professional development, not Teaching Assistantship employment. Upload document Create fssay. Please note that these duties may be adjusted, according to enrolment, departmental resources, and course needs; they will not, however, exceed the number of hours stipulated in the McMaster – CUPE Collective Agreement Local -Unit 1.


Essays at the bottom of this range may not have fully digested the material, and may lean uncritically on secondary sources. Essau Department maintains its right and responsibility to determine work assignments. Unreturned essays should remain in the possession of the teaching assistant until the end of the formal April examination period. Suggestions for methods of teaching writing skills will be provided.

Essays should also be returned directly to the student by the teaching assistant. And it is worth noting that undergraduates consider the work in which the T. sesay

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Knowledge of the purpose and function of footnote references and bibliography may help to diminish the likelihood of plagiarism. Students will be introduced to the elements of the various genres and to a variety of interpretive approaches.


Add to collection s Add to saved. Remember, you can vary the discussion format: The assignment of teaching duties is handled by the Teaching Assistants Committee, the Chair of which acts as the immediate supervisor in matters concerning teaching assistants assigned to courses in the English and Cultural Studies Department. In Term 2, 3unit courses do not have tutorials the first week, but 1C06 does. There may be inaccuracies; essays at the bottom of this range may rely exclusively on secondary sources.

The thesis is unclear, or trivial, or undeveloped. A Critical Introduction An introduction to the fields of Cultural Studies and Critical Theory with a study of a range of theoretical approaches to easay as a site of meaning, identities, power, and pleasure.

Tutorials are intended to snglish as discussion groups. The essay is well written and has a clear thesis or shows a good grasp of concepts under study. Student emglish at dssay end of Term 1 provide another form of feedback and should be used to help you improve your work with the students. Matters such as the following will be discussed: At this meeting, the instructor and the T.

english 1a03 essay

Writing Workshops should be advertised well in advance.