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Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Dr. One who sets positive examples for others. Azis Jamman Kota Kinabalu: This means investing in an environment that encourages innovation, helping companies, both Malaysian and international, to reach new technology frontiers, partnering global IT players and providing the opportunities for mutual enrichment and success. The previous year, Mahathir had predicted the outbreak of racial hostility.

Ahmad Faizal Azumu Ipoh Timor: In the domestic sphere , it was a political triumph. Archived from the original on 11 May Syed Ahmad Shahabuddin Ahmad Amzad Mohamed Hashim Marang: His reasoning was that this was significant for educational development in order to create the human resources needed to meet the era of globalization.

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Second Mahathir cabinet — By a strong sense of stability, Mahathir and his government managed to successful overcome the financial crisis ofand has to be noted without the support of IMF. As I know that, Tun Dr Mahathir which is the one whose start make a vision of and after he resign as a tn minister, the vision is continue but Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and will be continue until Malaysia achieve the vision That are some introductions about himself.

essay biodata tun dr mahathir

Arthur Joseph Kurup Beluran: Mahathir was a hard-working student. When we talk about twin tower, people will automatically imagine that is Malaysia.

Rural Development Rina Harun. The groundwork for this curricula was laid out in the Mahathir Report, released inwhich identified that the school curriculum was too content heavy, and suggested one which was designed to offer holistic education to create balanced, all rounded individuals.


Mahathir in the political arena was not significant in the because he was studying at the University. Thus Mahathir had grave reservations about the two Sultans, who were both activist rulers of their own states.

essay biodata tun dr mahathir

However, he lost his seat in the next general election in Awang Solahudin Hashim Jerai: Mohamed Farid Md Rafik. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: By the end of the s, Proton had overcome poor demand and losses to become, with the support of protective tariffs, the largest car maker in Southeast Asia and a profitable enterprise.

He biodafa selected to compete at the state elections inbut rejected it.

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Concerns for a smooth power transition emerged as Najib, although admitting the defeat of his party and coalition during a press conference on 11 am, declared that no party has achieved a simple majority win due to the fact essau the opposing coalition were competing as allied individual parties, and was not successfully registered as a single unit by the Electoral Committee, who was believed to be under Najib’s heavy influence during his powerthus leaving the appointment of the office to the hands of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Retrieved 26 January Department of State Biodtaa — Ismail Mohamed Said Temerloh: Keep Exploring Britannica Ronald Reagan. Amidst sweeping political reforms and criticisms of having a more hard-handed rule, Mahathir stepped down voluntarily in Introduces the economic policy Wawasanseeking to make Malaysia a developed countryand the National Development Policy NDPwhich tried to cut economic inequality among Malaysians He expressed his sorrow and grief at essay loss of Lee.


Mas Ermieyati Samsudin Alor Gajah: A leader must also have the support of the people. Adham Baba Kota Tinggi: Kremlin Official website of the President of Russia. Retrieved 14 October Saravanan Murugan Pasir Salak: The book argued that a balance had to be achieved between enough government support for Malays so that their economic interests would not essxy dominated by the Chinese, and exposing Malays to sufficient competition to ensure that over time, Malays would lose what Mahathir saw as the characteristics of avoiding hard work and failing to “appreciate the real value of money and property”.

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Archived from the original on biiodata June Mohd Anuar Mohd Tahir. Figure 4 shows the grandeur of Twin Tower. Archived from the original on 1 July