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She was involved in primary, secondary and pre-university teacher education and research with the National Institute of Education, served as Specialist Inspector, English Language with the Ministry of Education, and taught for several years at a junior college. This chapter will attempt to evaluate the perceived impact of the U. English as an Asian lingua franca and the multilingual model of ELT. A methods section is followed by a results section for data collected from questionnaires and interviews. The case of group learning in a Confucian Heritage Culture context.

In addition to requiring quality English language books for primary and secondary schools, there are other significant challenges which affect English and general education in Cambodia. The vast quality difference of medical education, skill, experience, and publication inevitably cause an unevenly balanced competition. However, challenges to meet the goals of the NFL include limited financial resources, limited public awareness of the ambitious project goals, inadequate compensation of trainers, lack of designated, adequately-compensated managerial staff, and inadequate professional and managerial capacity. This event was significant in terms of becoming the starting point of educational developments in Brunei and how this changed the linguistic landscape in the country. Therefore, the best practicable implementation is re-vaccination, without looking at previous immunization status, for anyone who is going to work in other countries. Looking Ahead to the ASEAN Economic Community stakeholders, including ASEAN Member State governments, non- governmental organisations, and nations providing international support, has allowed authors to highlight best practices in and challenges and innovative approaches to educational and language learning programs and international collaboration. Investment, identity and language-learning [Web log post].

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Jamaluddin, Chee, and Ho explored the relationship between the interactions of to year-old students in the virtual environment and the effect on their critical thinking and writing skills. When a leading university used these findings to improve its own pre-service ELT curriculum, it omitted some general courses, downgraded the number of credits in some others, and made it a priority to develop several new courses initially to be offered as electives whose content were found lacking in the curriculum.

The Forum brings together policymakers and English language specialists to participate in a series of panel discussions and debates on the language policies and practices which contribute towards the strengthening of English as the medium of communication within ASEAN.

The development process for a country is complex and challenging.

ASEAN Economic Integration 2015 Essay

While the first chapter on Vietnam provides an inside view of the construction of the framework for the National Foreign Language Project, the second chapter, by Lan Nguyen Thi Phuong and Thuy Phung Nhu, offers perspectives on current issues, challenges, and development in English language teaching and learning in Vietnam, and suggestions to address the issues and challenges.


The program was appraised as one of the most practical and effective teacher training programs by the NFL in Phan, There was a shift in pedagogy: Create ASEAN Integration-Enabling Policies Vietnam has created new language education policies that should help to enable successful regional and international integration.

In contrast, soft skills such as collaboration, presentation and discussion skills, critical thinking, and project development are among the abilities needed for the new regional and international labor market N.

The more “yes” essays, the higher the score. However, challenges to meet the goals of the NFL include limited financial resources, limited public awareness of the ambitious project goals, inadequate compensation of trainers, lack of designated, adequately-compensated managerial staff, and inadequate professional and managerial capacity.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

Of the five trainers who did not complete the questionnaire, three trainers chose not to participate; another trainer was new and thus had no prior experience working with the ELFs; and the fifth trainer, Mony Som, is one of the authors of this chapter.

Countries with untiring efforts to preserve high immunization coverage may be devastated by the rise in incidence of vaccine preventable diseases VPDsof which the pathogens are brought by emigrants from low-income countries or low immunization coverage. Extreme poverty community rapidly receding.

At the helm of its effort for regional integration has been the premier educational institution in Brunei, UBD, which was pivotal in reaching out to ASEAN members for integrative purposes. This integration into the global community is viewed not only in terms of economic integration, but also integration in terms of the social, cultural, science and technology sectors.

The English Teaching Apprenticeship Programme.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

But essy diplomatic breakdown between Malaysia and Brunei left Brunei with no choice but to send its students, teachers, and officers to British universities. Volume 3, Jan-Mar Evaluating the English for Cambodia textbook series. In recent decades, the dynamic changes occurring in the Asian region have been well documented, including rapid economic growth, political changes, and educational challenges.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN was established in with fundamental belief that all founding members had the same responsibility in accelerating economic growth, keeping peace, and ensuring stability in the SEA region.

The chapter concludes with lessons learned, recommendations for Vietnam and other ASEAN countries, and suggestions for further research.


The AEC is the end-goal of economic integration as outlined in the ASEAN Vision and sociak Bali Concord II to establish a single market and production base, characterised by the free movement of goods, services, ezsay, and project proposal for thesis freer flow of capital. She has also lived in Vietnam for more than seven years, teaching English to Ministry of Education staff, facilitating teacher development, evaluating teacher education curriculum, developing courses, building edsay and research capacity, and serving as a Senior Fellow at the NFL Project.

Ta reported that the common situation in schools today is that students and teachers focus so heavily on English grammar that practical English used in working situations is almost completely overlooked. However, inthe DCD scaled back the number of English hours taught to four hours per week for LSS and two hours per week for USS due to a broad re-allotment of hours across the secondary school curriculum K.

These goals are described below.


Deciding on the appropriate means of visualisation that will best make sense to teachers is critical. Moreover, scores create incentives for improvement by highlighting what is working and what is not. While specialisation and revealed comparative and competitive indices point to complementarities between trade patterns among the ASEAN member countries, intra-ASEAN trade in agriculture is quite small.

The chapter closes with a consideration of pedagogical implications and recommendations for the way ahead in light of local, regional and international trends and developments within the AEC.

While this is often interpreted to refer to understanding on a cultural, societal, or governmental level, it could also be applied strictly to the technical training and support that is being provided. When there were direct foreign investments, many factories and companies consumed labor forces to work in their firm; therefore, as a result, ASEAN employment rate will rise remarkably.

The challenges associated with the specific learning environments have recognised the on-the-ground realities in different school settings and existing constraints in various contexts. Issues to consider when implementing student- centred learning practices at Asian higher education institutions.

This content is described as systematic, comprehensive, and foundational and is linked to workplace realities.