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Travel Tips A visit in the month of June when rainfall is at its peak in this part of the world should be avoided. Protected areas of India. One cannot help but compare the locales to what they are like today, and this exercise never gives pleasure. The islands are host to numerous small mammals, including bonnet macaque , smooth coated otter , colonies of flying fox and common small mammals like common palm civet and Indian gray mongoose and the monitor lizard. Large trees are the safe haven for the water birds. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is situated on the bank of River Karveri and is 3kms away from the historic town called Srirangapatna. Location in Map of Karnataka.

Mandya is visited by tourists from all over the world. Still pristine, still a soothing blue, this lake is a favourite bathing spot for the locals, who have not yet managed to pollute it. Aerosports Travel information and photographs on Ranganathittu , a bird sanctuary near Bangalore. The nearest place to stay is Srirangapatna 3 kms or Mysore 16 kms. But scary, most definitely. Book your tickets online for Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka:

IIRC, there should be an arch temple arch at the start of this road.

Crocodile, The King of Rivers, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

However two River Terns who have gotten quite accustomed to humans getting so close, allowed for some really bord shots one closeup shot below in article. Get updates Get updates.


essay on ranganathittu bird sanctuary

Your pictures capture details so well. I too am fairly new to bird watching Nandakumar. Crocodiles and other reptiles are found basking on these rocks. But as I read this there is a ‘breaking news’ on in TV splashing away pictures of an adventurous man mauled to death by a white tiger in New Delhi Zoo.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

They are magnificent creatures but they send shivers down my spine; there is something about the way they look at you. The scale looked intricate ranganathiytu fascinating. Aerosports Travel information and photographs on Ranganathittua bird sanctuary near Bangalore. While it is easy to be distracted by the huge lens and constant clicking by the bird enthusiast while you wait to spot one of your favorite birds through the mass of the broadleaf forests and other trees like bamboo and eucalyptus, I urge you to remain patient.

Book your tickets online for Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka: I could feel your motherly concern.

essay on ranganathittu bird sanctuary

She gave them livelihoods — from fishing and farming to tourism today. Tourists throng the southern riverbanks, which offer splendid dssay for sighting these birds and other wild life forms.

essay on ranganathittu bird sanctuary

March 20 A total of 2, foreign tourists, besides 2,02, domestic tourists, had visited the bird sanctuary in The great stone ploversanctuafy river tern also nest here.


Thank you for the post; it made for a lovely read.

Bird Country: Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary – The Rustle of Words

Loved your close capture of the claws and eyes of the beast. Cinema Newspapers Magazines Television Radio. The area is beautifully maintained and even has its own lotus pond.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Those teeth are really sharp and white??

A love for travel is something that SR and I share. Protected areas of Karnataka. We began badly — last week 4 months into the year!

Accommodation is available at Ranganathittu in the form of three Riverside Cottages. To the tourists, Ranganathittu Wildlife Sanctuary draws special attention. Memorable Images A Ssnctuary Tern laying eggs on a rock. Great shots by your 14 years old.

Before you know it, one is already driving off the highway into a smaller road that marks the way into the bird sanctuary. On the road, Ranganathittu approach road is on your right. You are commenting using your WordPress.

I hope you get to visit Ranganathittu.