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Temple University Consortium on Grand Strategy. Bush and the Hubris of Empire Canada: Harvard’s Kennedy was not the first to warn about the dangers of excessive defense spending. American hegemony and the historiography of empires in decline. Compared to , what has happened to the status of each – Iran: Those that disregard the economic data that indicates unsustainability often do so from a moral stand point, claiming that if the United States has the power and resources to lift up other nations, then there is a moral obligation to do so.

It will save many lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. Politics And Polemics , p. Further, another tragedy in this drama is the fact that the overspending for the Afghanistan War was needless and the conventional war strategy represented the wrong war plan. There are only war lords and tribes. Aside from the cost of waging military conflict or maintaining United States presence abroad, there is a significant, unsustainable overstretching of military personnel and resources.

The Danger of Imperial Overstretch

American thewis and the historiography of empires in decline The idea of imperial overstretch is not new to modern history. Yale historian Paul Kennedy defines imperial overstretch as the overextension either geographically, economically, or militarily that inevitably leads to the exhaustion of vital domestic resources, decline, and fall. Compared towhat has happened to the status of each. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

A brief historiography of imperial overstretch and its relationship to American hegemony

We definktion to end the conventional war and bring the troops home now and re-engage only on commando terms. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And the view from here argues that the United States — another great power — in this case a superpower that overspent on defense, has weakened its economy and is in danger of driving its empire to the fate of Britain’s and the Soviet Union’s, if it doesn’t change its course and reverse the policy.


imperial overstretch thesis definition

Airports are woefully inadequate or in need of renovation. Further, the unemployment rate is high.

imperial overstretch thesis definition

Eisenhower, a five-star U. Doyle, like Maier, also found the definition of empire challenging, and produced his own explanation to describe it.

Imperial overstretch – Wikipedia

The United States has been fighting the Afghanistan War for more than 10 years. American Grand Strategy from to the Present Ithaca: As Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly J. And we could spend another five, ovrestretch, eight years using the same conventional strategy, and still not be any closer to victory. Ask yourself, in Paul Kennedy-like fashion, the following: Historian Charles Maier struggled with the definition even as he attempted to explain their relative rise or decline in his work, Among Empires.

Imperial Overstretch: Is A Bloated Defense Budget Weakening the U.S.?

Kennedy’s overstretch thesis, in detail, is as follows: Geographic overstretch clearly exacerbates the existing economic and military overstretch problems. Eisenhower, a Republican, in January In fact, many if not most Republicans want to — incredibly — increase defense spending.

Kennedy, for his part, was astutely aware that the bipolar world of the post war era could only last so long.

Compared towhat has happened to the status of each imprial Iran: In this case, Smil states that the rapid ascendancy of China was a surprise to policymakers. Eisenhower, or Ike, was much lauded by economists, historians, and public policy professionals for his ability to see the economic and societal damages caused by excessive defense spending, and one can also see why Ike was able to turn back the Pentagon brass’ continually excessive requests.


Each spent too much of its resources on the military — to the neglect of its economy — and we know what resulted: Westad argues that this thesls particularly true within the context of U. Like Alexis de Tocqueville, who Kennedy could claim as a predecessor, he saw an emergent bipolar world, dominated by Russia and the United States.

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To be sure, as Congressional Republicans push for another increase in U. Dual Citizens in Congress?

imperial overstretch thesis definition

The egregiousness of the miscalculation is stunning: Further, it is that economic underperformance triggered by overspending on defense that leads to great power decline. Other works also occupy the space of American hegemony within the historiography of the Cold War.

This is an extremely difficult topic worthy of patient discussion.