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America’s first black female psychologist. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 41 1 , Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Center for the History of Psychology Teacher, administrator, educational psychologist and academic leader, Inez Beverly Prosser made a mark in education in the s. Warren states that, “Prosser was mentored closely by her Doctoral adviser and developed a close friendship with them” [1] She held positions at many schools, and not only taught, but also became assistant principal. Upon receiving her master’s degree, Prosser left Anderson High School in to accept a position as a faculty member at Tillotson College, a Black college in Austin.

Citations Publications citing this paper. The award of a General Education Board Fellowship in provided her with the financial assistance to pursue further graduate studies in educational psychology at the University of Cincinnati. Crowley had concluded that there were no differences in students’ academic achievement between the two types of schools; Prosser, conversely, found that African American students did better in segregated schools. The journey of African-Americans on th path toward the doctoral degree: Although Prosser and Crowley both asked about the differences between the segregated and integrated schools, Prosser focused on non-academic variables. Even the rat was white:

Prosser was eventually transferred to another dual teaching and administrative position at Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, Mississippi.

University of Texas Press. Throughout her time at Anderson, she taught English and coached for the Interscholastic League, an prozser that sponsored events for Black high school students throughout the state. She soon took a leave of absence to pursue a doctorate in the University of Cincinnati. MackayElissa Nicole RodkeyA.


Mississippi Educational Journal, 10 During the debates over school segregation in the s, many of her arguments were cited. Prosser’s research was based on prodser small sample size, 32 matched pairs of students, and acknowledged in her dissertation that some of her conclusions were based on non-significant statistical results.

Board of Education U.

Inez Beverly Prosser and the education of African Americans. – Semantic Scholar

Profile Inez Beverly Prosser Birth: She wrote seven articles beginning in for the Mississippi Educational Journal on teaching English skills. In her dissertation, Prosser argues that racial injustices and feelings of isolation have damaging effects on the psyche of Black children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prosser measured the following questions by giving students surveys on personality and character traits; the first question was what are the social and cultural disserattion of the children in the two groups?

During the college year, Prosser played a dominant role in a number of events at Tillotson, including the arrangement of the visit of Dr.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

Prosser arrived at the University of Cincinnati as a candidate for a PhD in educational psychology in The comparative reliability of objective tests in English grammar.

During the academic year, Prosser returned to the faculty at Tougaloo College where she didsertation her dissertation.

Black Excellence in Education: Inez Beverly Prosser

Prosser remained close to her family throughout her life. She became the first African-American women to earn a doctorate in psychology. She cited examples of psychological stress in students incurred as a result of racial discrepancies and racial isolation.


inez beverly prosser dissertation

InProsser earned her Ph. On-academic development of Negro children in mixed and segregated schools. Clark’s Context and Mine: BallJennifer L.

At Colorado, Prosser took several courses that were particularly relevant to her master’s thesis whose subject areas include mental tests, tests and measurement, and research methods. Figures and Topics from this paper.

Inez Beverly Prosser – Psychology’s Feminist Voices

Prosser was one of the key figures in the debate on how to best educate Black students. At Anderson High School, she taught English and coached a girls team for spelling competitions.

She even encouraged her own siblings in their education, with all eleven of them graduating from high school and six earning college degrees. A Record of the Darker Races.

Prosser disserttaion also a vocal advocate for black students in higher education, helping raise funds for their college and graduate studies. Inone year after receiving her doctorate, Prosser was killed in an automobile collision near Shreveport, Louisiana.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

Inupon obtaining her Master’s degree, Prosser became a faculty member of Tillotson College in Austin. She died at the Sanitarium on September 5, Aug 10, Cailynn Knabenshue. Prosser wanted to see if there was a difference between black students in integrated schools and in segregated schools.