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It took me 10 minutes tops. Thanks for the tutorial. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This is probably your best resource thesiswp: It has its own comment template that overrides the wordpress system. Well without wasting anymore time let’s go and solve the Disqus Comment problem:.

What do I have to do to show the avatars if people login with Facebook or twitter? I hope that makes sense Have I missed a setting somewhere? You see just how easy it is to control multiple areas of your blog without sacrificing speed or quality search engine optimization? Next Post Next post: Compared with sports watches, this time around piece is little soft on features. Windows 8 Shortcut Keys.

Openhook gives you access to more than 50 different areas of your blog to easily add or remove content.

jetpack comments thesis

The problem arises when we want to install Jetpack comments on a site which is running Thesis theme framework. Commnets if the heavy caching would tangle thing up or if the new comment is placed via cookies and JS.

Your email address will not be published. So as a result, its now fixed and I was told in the thread it would be hot fixed in a future update.

Should I keep going or are you starting to understand the power of Thesis? Get Updates Free Get new skins and boxes for Thesis 2 straight to your inbox. I get a comment form and people can successfully submit comments, but when I try to approve them, nothing happens. Not as much as Americans as demonstrated in teaching Darwin to kids, accepting gay families, or….


Jetpack Comment List Box

The latest new metpack added to Jetpack 1. I use Thesis and cannot get Jetpack comments to work. For those of you who want to add the Jetpack comments to Thesis, this blog post here was very helpful: This website is brutally simple: I implemented Disqus afterwards because it has a very stable and large community.

And do you have to go about displaying the comments in a special way? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I am looking for a plugin for comment luv. I remember checking it out about 3 or 4 years ago when I first started thinking about making money online by blogging.

Likewise, if you are doing a large Remodel Recessed Lighting or renovation. Would you be disappointed at the boring looks of the chassis or excited about the endless possibilities ahead of you? Notify me of follow-up comments via email and Notify me of new posts via email. Nice week for Automattic. It works for my blog!

Disqus Comments not Working in Thesis 2 – Best 2 Know

Cheers Hope this works for you too. My only concern is, if I activate Comments in Jetpack, what happens to my previous comments?


jetpack comments thesis

Thesis 2 is out now! I sent a message yesterday Thanks!

Disqus Comments not Working in Thesis 2

It was all after reading this post, I was motivated to update my WordPress to the latest version. You can visit my site to see how it looks at the moment. Home About Contact me. Thus, the paint will end up with a less than desirable choice because you ran out of time thwsis have a pick up truck on ccomments for hauling the rubbish to the dump. Both the comment UI has not got the social, email etc under like here on this site. You see just how easy it is to control multiple areas of your blog without sacrificing speed or quality search engine optimization?

WP and Jetpack Comments – Matt Mullenweg

I guess I better take a quick trip to the support forum and see if I can get some help over there. Burger King expects about 75 more redesigned restaurants to be open and at the moment. Jetpqck for comprising this list.