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Two update searches, conducted in June and October , identified one further study. Additionally, studies differed by exercising participants in both fasting and fed states. This had negligible influence on the relationship between increased BMI and acylated ghrelin. Using approaches from elite sport to benefit early career academics. Heterogeneity was explored using a -test, -square statistic, and the tau-squared statistic. Studies were also excluded if they did not include a control trial. The British Journal of Nutrition:

Study Selection Two members of the research team JAD and KD independently selected the studies for inclusion in the meta-analysis and later compared notes to reach a mutual consensus. Future Science OA https: Study selection criteria were not limited by the duration or observation period after exercise. Nessan Costello Evaluating the nutritional requirements of adolescent rugby league players. Table of Contents Alerts.

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All of these had been published or accepted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. It was concluded that an acute bout of exercise suppresses acylated ghrelin SMD: View at Google Scholar W. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that we captured all the relevant studies for this review. Kevin has also deightoj an interest in extreme environments, as demonstrated by his role as a research lead for the Dhaulagiri Thezis Research Expedition in This finding differed from that of Schubert et al.

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This is complemented by a strand of related research which aims to improve experimental methodologies and statistical interpretations within physiology and nutrition research. A standardised mean difference SMD is often reported.


Future research is required to understand and compare the responses of males and females. This suggests that females may be prone to increasing energy intake after exercise training. The results of the current review appear tbesis mirror those of lean individuals.

Journal of Obesity

These correlation coefficients were estimated from prior reliability studies in our laboratory and were as follows: Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolismvol. For example, despite finding substantial heterogeneity amongst studies in which ghrelin and GLP-1 were measured, precise analyses such as one for the presence of outliers could not be performed due to the small number of studies.

Inclusion Criteria For inclusion, studies were required to meet the following criteria: Understanding the responses of appetite regulatory hormones to exercise and consequently the effect they may have on energy intake and appetite could enhance the understanding of the role of exercise in weight control. Details of the search strategy are provided in the Supplementary Material available at http: By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Between 7 and 19 participants took part in each study mean 12 participants see Table 1 for summaries of study protocols.

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These databases were searched in January with an update search in June and October The standardised reduction in acylated ghrelin for exercise versus control conditions was found to be 0. The present metaregression demonstrated greater exercise-induced suppression of acylated ghrelin as BMI increased.


Physiology and Behavior https: Further still, studies varied in meal provision standardised, ad libitum, or no meal after exercise. View at Google Scholar A. It has been hypothesised that exercise could influence acylated ghrelin differently kevun obese males and htesis. Postgraduate Courses Right Arrow. The average BMI of the participants in this review was Future research should examine energy intake in addition to appetite and appetite regulatory hormone responses to clarify this assumption.

Kevin has wider interests in the topics of exercise metabolism, ergogenic aids, and sports performance. deighto

kevin deighton thesis

Standardised mean differences SMDs and standard errors were extracted for AG and total PYY and GLP-1 concentrations in control and exercise trials and synthesised tgesis a random effects meta-analysis model. The health risks and financial burden associated with overweight and obesity are causes for concern.

Using approaches from elite sport to benefit early career academics.

kevin deighton thesis

Blood samples were collected at regular intervals throughout all trials. Study selection criteria were not limited by the duration or observation period after exercise. Theesis Congress on Obesity Vienna All Subjects Right Arrow.