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Al-Muhaidib, Saud Mohammed A study of graph coloring heuristics and its application to a time tabling problem in a registration and scheduling system. Nadeem, Iftikhar Ali Extensions in multicharacteristics repeat inspection plans. Tayyar, Haitham Fahmi Hassan A new model reduction scheme for linear time-invariant systems with polynomial. Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Ali Evaluation of the construction equipment replacement policies of construction contractors in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Al-Kutti, Walid Abubaker Compliance criteria for quality concrete. Ahmad, Shaik Ilias Three-dimensional transient temperature analysis of friction welding of cylindrical bars. Suraizou, Sogome Non-noetherian krull domains issued from symbolic blow-up and rees algebras.

Asif, Munib Ahmad Critical success factor for different project objectives. Ali, Syed Qudrath A Study of development and performance of sulphur-based construction blocks. Ashraf, Farooq Routing in multicomputer netwroks: Hussein, Ibnelwaleed Ali Hydrogen production by the electrolysis of saline water. Anwar, Sohail Natural convection flow in parallel-plate vertical channels.

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Al-Gadhib, Ali Husain The Influence function technique in the numerical analysis of plate bending of arbitrary plan form. Azher, Syed Ayub A prediction model for the residual flexural strength of corroded reinforced concrete beams.

Khan, Khawar Parallelization of Stochastic Evolution.

Kandlawala, Muhammad Fareed Investigation of dynamic behavior of power system installed with statcom. Al-Nashmi, Muhammad Hasan Muhammad. Al-Mustafa, Riyadh Ahmed Biparabolic isoparametric shell element: Yhesis, Mohammed A methodology for the optimization of rolling process. Moosa, Basem asymmetric induction in 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition using chiral nitrones. Yassin, Sheikheldin Sami Chemical analysis theais some penicillin and cephalosporin drugs.


Mohammed, Niaz Effect of denitrification on dispersion of nitrate in saturated porous media. Al-Attas, Muhsen Ali Unsteady natural convection in open ended vertical concentric annuli. Abdul-Jauwad, Samir Husain Theoretical study of lattice solitons in nonlinear lumped networks. Al-Haj, Aiman Hassan M.

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Ismail, Basel Optimal assessment of using solar and wind power for desalination on the Eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. Bin-omar, Abdul Rahman Nonlinear finite element analysis of ferrocement beams. A New Xml File Structure. Rasheed, Asif Synthesis and solution properties of polymeric zwitterionic ammonium betains.

Al-Buraim, Isa Mahmoud Studying the behavior of Dhahran dune sand using the 3rd invariant stress dependent combined hardening cap model.

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Hussain, ahmed Research statement. Suraizou, Sogome Non-noetherian krull domains issued from symbolic blow-up and rees algebras. Qhusro, Ahmed Abdul Mujeeb Invariant object recognition.

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Al-Shishtawi, Mohammad Shafique Ahmad Integrating heterogeneous database schemas using an on-line taxonomy: Muhammad, Mahmoud Abdul Raouf Analysis of the factors affecting the gelation time for polyacrylamide-redox system. Al-Abdullatif, Abdullatif Mohammad Hamad Systematic examination techniques for planning and scheduling among Saudi Arabian construction firms. Muqtar, Mohammed Cyanoketene cycloaddition reactions.


Sami, Muhammad Heat transfer mechanisms governing laser metal interactions. Moid, Mohammed Abdul Design of bandlimited, energy optimized data transmission filter.

Al-Hussain, Khaleel Ma’tuq Torsional vibrations analysis of a synchronous motor-compressor drive train. Sekerdey, Ukhail Ahamed Optimal tool replacement and resetting strategies.

kfupm thesis template

Ather, Nadeem Null steering temppate pattern control in smart antenna arrays. Ali, Syed Imran Effects of aggregate quality on reinforcement corrosion. Al-Musallam, Abdallah Abdul-Karim A Photoelastic investigation of the stress distribution in the anchorage zones of post-tensioned concrete slabs.

Al-Kurdi, Saleh Muhammad Ahmad Durability assessment criterion for concrete and reinforcement exposed to simulated environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia. Al-Suwaiyan, Ali Saleh Mohammed Efficient test relaxation techniques for combinational logic circuits. Yaqub, Mohammed Prediction of species concentration and temperature profile in methanol oxygen and argon flame.