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Then we started to chat, and, in the spirit of teacher agency, we thought it best to turn it back to the teachers via a Twitter chat: And here is the story of how we got there… The first morning… When the students entered the classroom on the first day of school I knew there would nowhere to sit. I am pretty much always looking to connect what I curate to my students in my classroom. The Map Students decided it would be easiest to project a real map and trace the lines. Some students wanted to reorganize the desks and chairs. Other students planned out each night of the week:

We celebrate lots of different days at school so World Down Syndrome day will be shared in my class tomorrow, along with this video. In this post she details how she has her kids make infographics using found household objects to convey their data points. I watched a really beautiful video in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day. After sorting and organizing for three days we just had to know how many books we had in our library! This process have involved three simple steps: That will be a determining factor in the success of our Exhibition journey. Loving what you are doing.

It is the epitome of Starting with the end in mind. Happy first day to all, and to all a good year! We then watched some videos to support our understanding of the central idea and the Exhibition process:.

It was interesting to see that after only one day of desks being in rows students started to identify problems.

Then he realized it was more efficient to mark of all the measurements first, then to go back and draw the lines. And some wanted to email the parents to see if anyone would donate what we were looking for. Using the Simon Sinek framework Start With Whywe discussed as a class why students should be able to help set up their classroom.


And feel free to join in — single subject teacher or not lurkers welcome too!

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When one of the smaller bulletin boards fell off the wall, some students realized it was easier to work on it when it was on the floor anyway. So the first month of school has come and gone… and what a month it was! Feedback It was really important to me that after this process was finished I asked the students to share their perspective of what it was like to help set up the classroom.

Regardless of where you are in your journey toward agency, this blog post will give you an idea of how one school are putting into practice what they believe about student agency.

pyp 001 homework

I would love to add other resources to this site. Just for funI thought about everything that has happened this past month and wondered how many curricular expectations were authentically explored throughout our various inquiries… to satisfy the slowly disappearing teachery-teacher side of me… and anyone else who might ask!

pyp 001 homework

It is not about going over the top with wild, crazy expectations. Some got paper first and realized they did not have enough or had too homewofk.

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Once all the teams had their homewirk they had to go through it and decide what was important, what was worth taking note of and how they were hokework to consolidate and display it. Inspired to Inspire from Nathan Yoder on Vimeo. I want them to be introduced to as much as possible and for them to think, learn, and do at their pace or maybe with a gentle push?! What would you like me to know about your child?

He listened to Erica explain that she thought a lot about what she wanted to do, then how she nomework, visited, talked with, observed, listened, and asked questions to educate herself, and then put her ideas, knowledge, heart, and soul into action to go out and do something to make a difference.


Finally we had found a layout that worked to support our learning! If homewogk are looking for a longer list than the five I am sharing below, take a look at the playlists created by Terri Eichholz of Engage Their Minds.

All three focus on human interaction with our planet. Bulletin Boards The students who signed up to do the bulletin boards took many different approaches. Is there anything you would like me to know? Then he realized he was not getting as many caps as he had hoped for, so he emailed all the other classes in our hallway to invite them to participate as well.

But I had to keep my word and respect and honour their choices, so I bit ppy tongue and waited.

I want the parents of my students to know their voices matter and are welcome. It started with a Tweet: After that, I told them that they would be deciding if they had homework — together with their families — but in order to make an informed decision we had to explore all the perspectives surrounding homework.

Here is where we ended… Here is where we started….

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Then I gave them stickers and asked them to think about everything they had done that week and homewokr to look for the learning that was within it. They were surprised to see just how much learning had taken place throughout the week.

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