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Tout ce qui est lie aux aspects distributifs des politiques publiques. Nederlands English Portal for. G51 Phone number 2 86 00 Email faces vub. The software will provide you with a report identifying the proportion of the document which can be considered as original, the sources that present similarities with the submitted document and highlighted excerpts of similar texts. A document gathering all the rules can be found at https: You may only hand in one request per programme each academic year. Should you need any further information, please contact:

Students are asked to evaluate their teachers twice a year, at the end of the semester. You select YOUR list and you are supposed to keep your course selection to this list. For more information, please refer to http: Students assess different aspects of the course: You can view the results in real-time on your screen and you may also display them on a projector like you do with a presentation. You can download the Microsoft Office Suite from https:

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Macroeconomics and Monetary economics. Documents can be uploaded directly in the software or they can also be plahform via email. You can announce the time and location to students through your course platform or via the scheduling office Horaires [dot] philoscsoc-sbsem [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be. Who is who Looking for the name of the dean or the names of the representatives?

Thesis Platform

To activate your Wooclap account under the ULB license: You will need your NetID and password to log in. Logistics of teaching Booking a classroom In principle, you will have already been in touch with the scheduling office silvay booking your classroom for your course.


And how IT enables new business processes, products, or services? Only a complete request that has been submitted on time will be processed.

thesis platform solvay

It makes it possible to specify learning objectives, content, educational activities as well as evaluation terms. Exemptions You can apply for an exemption for a course on condition that you obtained a credit certificate for a course with identical or similar content. Bachelor level As a bachelor student, pick your study field here below to find the course list: This card also allows you to benefit from: Timetables and exam schedules You find all information on timetables, exam schedules and how to read them via this website.

Students should always bring their identity card as well as their student ID with them. Students are asked to evaluate their teachers twice thesiss year, at the end of the semester.

Your study path As a student you can design your study trajectory yourself.

The mission of the Solvay Teaching and Learning Center is to support faculty members and teaching assistants in their teaching missions and foster teaching and curriculum innovations. Information about course schedules, practice sessions, exams, and other information thesls are posted there. Students have the right to examine their graded exam to understand where they lost points and check whether the final grade was correctly computed.

Grading via electronic multiple-choice exercises Compilatio: When rhesis open it, you will have an editing button in the upper left corner. Other area s of expertise: University library The main library for economics and management is located on the fifth floor of the Humanities Library on the Solbosch campus building NB.


Click on your course title so that the list of the registered students pltform. The submission of your application happens through one of the forms below.

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You will be asked to provide your name, faculty and the mnemonic associated with your course. Organisation of exams An exam time has been preassigned to you at the beginning of theesis semester. You can ask the library to put the key references for your course under reserve or to buy books or other useful resources.

People may also participate by SMS. We expect you take a minimum of 21 ECTS per semester. Should you pplatform any questions or require additional information on this matter, please contact: Courses with practice sessions as well as courses with a high number of participants can benefit from the support of teaching assistants. A document gathering all the rules can be found at https: International and regional economics.

thesis platform solvay

Finally, please note that students will no longer be allowed in the examination room once the exam has started. You can solcay the Microsoft Office Suite from https: