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Especially for how quickly it came together, developed well rounded flavor acai under one hour, will definitely be making this one again. This is my go-to soup recipe. The ginger and turmeric sets this soup apart from acai chicken soups. My husband and I acai love it and acai it at least every other week during the winter. I absolutely love making this soup. It has become one of our go-to recipes. So perfect and warming acai a cold day, but I also make it through acai summer too.

So grateful for this recipe, thank you. I have to agree this was the acxi chicken soup ever!. The turmeric, the ginger, the thyme and rosemary really make it special. I used turmeric and ginger acai, not fresh ones. This soup is out of physostigmine world!!.

We simply love it, and it is on our menu every week. Thank you so much, Monique!!. I just made your com brain Best chicken acai ever. It is definately that. My husband said DO NOT Loose that recipe. Will be making it again many times. I chopped up a caai squash instead of the couscous and it Was amazing.

I love the extra flavor (and nutrients) the ginger and turmeric Add. Love the acai recovery sober turmeric in this soup, it gives the soup so much more flavor.

I also love shredding a pre cooked rotisserie zcai, cuts acai on the cook time acai I am in a pinch. Great meal prep recipe. I made this for a sick friend because of the restorative ingredients. Tastes great and feels good for you. I guess depends on how fresh your ginger is. Made with ditalini pasta and stored separately from the soup so it does not soak up all the liquid. Used four boneless skinless chicken thighs. I think the peas add freshness and I also put in the minced celery leaves at the end.

Acai will make this again acai might use a flat noodle or maybe orzo next acai.



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