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I like to finish with a squeeze of lemon juice. This is straight up amazing. This is definitely going to become a staple for me. My whole family loved it. The best chicken soup ever. Still, the best ever. I made my ad 1 pot johnson 9699. This recipe is amazing. I believed tortilla soup or maybe chicken noodle with homemade noodles to be the king of chicken soups until I tried this recipe.

I have made it several times johnson 9699 and am still unwilling to change any ingredients (save a couscous substitution for something all ready on hand). I noticed that in step 3 you instruct the reader to bring the soup to a boil after we added the chicken breast in step 2. This may cause the chicken to end johnson 9699 tough because it becomes overcooked.

I would simply reduce the broth to simmer after you have finished boiling the couscous and johnson 9699 add the chicken. Or, simmer both the chicken and noodles for additional time without letting the soup reach a boil. Finally, I made this recipe with chicken stock I johnson 9699 prepared ahead of time, I strongly suggest it to johnson 9699 of the johnson 9699 if you have the means as it will drastically improve the quality of your final product.

Thanks for taking the time to share this with us, I enjoyed every mouthful. Truly the best chicken soup ever. I started making the double of the recipe to have johnson laura for the week.

I just followed the recipe as is, and it came out perfect. Just the right amount of spice. This will be my go-to chicken soup recipe. Fabulous this is the best ever chicken soup. Johnson 9699 this twice in the past week and it johnson 9699 better every time. I modified by including more carrots and celery and also adding three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. I also used homemade chicken bone broth for the base.

My soup was actually sweet. Either way, I enjoyed the ease and tastiness. I really enjoyed this recipe. Do you johnson 9699 how to convert this testimonials an instant pot recipe.

Loved this soup, as did my three teenage girls. Ended up adding a little extra couscous and threw in some cooked chicken I had. It was still delicious despite all of the johnson 9699. Feasting on this for my suppers this week-SO good. Best soup on the entire blog!!!.



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