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Yes regular white rice will likely take around 20 mins if simmered. You may want to add 1-2 cups more broth though. This soup is incredible, thank you. I am trying to count calories and wondering how you calculate the calories in this recipe.

I saw you factor aggression Kcalories above… but it la roche shop like a lot.

The virtual game sex is the same as calories, and we calculate by adding each ingredient individually. I am making this for the second time.

I loved it the first time and have been thinking about it ever since. The first time I used rice in place of the couscous and it tasted great. Also, it froze well. Thank you for a wonderful chicken soup recipe. This was pretty simple and very rad!!. Will definitely put this on rotation. We have been trying to eat meals that give us as many goodies as possible…. My familyloves it and there are never leftovers.

Sometimes Iadd whatever I have in the fridge…like chard or virtuall or spinach. My go to recipe for soup. I made with some alphabet shaped pasta I had since the soup was mostly for my virtual game sex kiddo.

Hopefully we are on the mend. This is the BEST soup ever. I made this when I was battling a cold, transport policy it was just what I needed. I added cirtual virtual game sex the spices and herbs because I love ginger and had extra rosemary and thyme on hand. Bursting with flavor and easy to make. Perfect for a cold day. I roasted bone on chicken breast and thighs instead of cooking virtual game sex the soup.

Just made this soup and had a bowl. The orzo was fine, but Wex do look forward to trying virtual game sex couscous. I added some baby spinach at the very end, which virtual game sex quite nice.

Feel free to adjust the ginger to your liking. This is the most delicious soup. Can you post an instant pot adaptation, if possible. Let me know if you try it.



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