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King, David Michael On the importance of input variables and climate variability to the yield of urban water supply systems. Al-Saqri, Said Petroleum resources, linkages and development: Kasperczyk, Richard T Barriers to systemic work stress prevention in Australian organisations. Fernando, Sabrina Continuing education needed by park and recreation professionals to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities. Longley, Alys Moving words: Gandolfo, Enza Swimming: Litchfield, Chelsea Sexual diversity:

Hosseinzadeh, Nasser Power system stabilisers using fuzzy logic and neural networks. Drieberg, Micheal Channel assignment strategies for throughput enhancement in high density wireless local area networks. Dixon, Julie The arcane and the ordinary: Currie, Norma The management of the non-clinical knowledge of nurses within North Western Health. Kusuma, Hadri The information content of the cash flow statement: Huynh, Dung Damage detection in structures using frequency response function FRF data and finite element modelling.

Ball, Kevin Weight transfer styles in the golf swing: Jafar, Farial A Flow fields and heat transfer of liquid falling film on horizontal cylinders. For Alumni If you completed a thesis at Victoria in the past, and are willing to allow us to digitise it and make it available to the public through ResearchArchive, please download and fill out the form below and send it to Michael Parry, Digital Initiatives Coordinator at: If you are about to graduate, you must supply one print and one digital copy of the final version of your thesis.


Gosling, Cameron McRae Development of an incremental step test that accounts for lower limb length for people undergoing rehabilitation.

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Erdugan, Riza The effect of economic factors on the performance of the Australian stock market. Chu, Ba Binh The effects of creatine supplementation on performance and metabolism during brief, intermittent, high-intensity exercise. One copy will have all third party material without permissions redacted, while the other will be the complete.

Juhasz, Albert Microbial degradation of high molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

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Bendrups, Faye Service station: Newell, Frances Patterns of knowledge and knowing: Baker-Smith, Victoria A study of the organizational culture of Panorama. Kutyna, Dariusz Roman Isolation of low ethanol producing yeast strains using adaptive evolution.

vuw thesis database

Anderson, Evelyn A Family-friendliness of working time provisions in Australian enterprise agreements. Ip, Taiwai David A study datxbase bruise damage in horticultural products.

Dare, Phillip Kissing and Holding Hands: Lenc, Emil Digital image transformation and compression. Dumee, Ludovic Carbon-nanotube-based membranes for water desalination by membrane distillation.

Ko, Suh Youn Effect of Netrin-1 on the mature enteric nervous system and colorectal cancer. Cremona, Simone Elise Antenatal predictors of theiss bonding for adolescent mothers. East Timor – 19 years of resistance. Klopovic, Suzana Experimental and computational study of flames venting externally during full scale flashover fires.


vuw thesis database

Kibria, Golam Aquaculture and pollution studies of an Australian fish: Medson, Caroline Parameters influencing yeast-mediated reactions in an organic solvent. Boyd, Ross Influence of osteopathic palpatory examination on sympathetic nervous system function: Duncan, Shelley The next step: Christova-Boal, Diana Installation and evaluation of domestic greywater reuse systems.

Maisano, Paul Angelo Puncture resistance of geotextiles and evaluation of the g-rating classification system.

Huang, Wen Xin A fibre optic based ranging sensor. Ashbolt, Stephanie Camille Short-term operational planning of water grids.

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Lane, Deborah Nicola Improving workplace productivity and corporate culture: Dwyer, Natasha Traces of digital trust: Amirkhanzadeh, Robabeh High resolution integrated passive phase shifters for future wireless communications. Dave, Rajiv I Factors affecting viability of yoghurt and probiotic bacteria in commercial starter cultures. Morris, Felicity Anne The adoption and maintenance of physical activity for mid-life, sedentary women.

Kuan, Garry Music, imagery training, dataabase sports performance. Meany, Michael M The performance of comedy by artificial intelligence agents.